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Ear Cleaning During Covid-19

Micro Suction Earwax Removal
Process During Covid-19

We are back providing specialist ear care services and we offer easy and gentle earwax removal with new processes. Here is what you need to know.

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Our emphasis remains on providing care remotely first and whenever possible, offering face-to-face care only where it is clinically necessary and safe to do so. Please be considerate when making an appointment and do not put yourself or others at risk. If you are displaying any of the symptoms of Covid-19 please do not attend the practice. If you are in a vulnerable category, please do not attend the clinic.

In order to protect our team, our patients and families, we will refuse to see any patient who is deemed at risk or who may pose a risk to our team. We will only provide services that are in the best clinical interest of our patient and when the benefits outweigh the risks. Throughout all of this we are always trying to do the right thing and we ask you to be patient with us during this extraordinary time. If you are shielded or classified as high risk by the government or your physician, then we ask that you only book an appointment if you feel it absolutely necessary.

All appointments must be booked over the phone. We will not be able to see patients who walk into the practice. We will refuse any patient who is deemed at risk or poses a risk to our team. Before booking your appointment we will ask you questions to ensure that you/others in your household do not have any symptoms of Covid-19 and that you are not in an at risk group.

We ask that you use olive oil for a minimum of 2 nights in order to soften the ear wax.
An audiologist will contact you prior to your appointment to take your history and answer any questions you
may have.

We will send you a consent form and ask that you read it thoroughly before attending your appointment.

We can not have people waiting in the practice, as such please only attend the practice at your allotted and agreed time. If you are early, please wait outside.

Our appointments will be spaced out, allowing time to thoroughly clean and avoid cross over of patients attending the practice.
Please do not bring anyone with you to your appointment.  If you require support for medical/physical reasons, please let us know at the time of booking.

  • Please wear a properly fitting face covering when attending your appointment.
  • The audiologist will meet you in reception and ask that you use hand sanitiser.
  • Our audiologist will be wearing all recommended Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This will include a
  • face mask.  
  • Please do not touch anything unnecessarily.
  • Please try not to cough or sneeze, if you absolutely must, do so into a clean tissue or into your elbow. Throughout follow any instructions from the audiologist.
  • We ordinarily love to chat with our patients, but in the interest of safety, this will need to be kept to a minimum.
  • Please contact us if you would like any more details on this service or you would like to speak To Us About Earwax Removal

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Ear wax removal £80
If you attend but your ears are clear £50
Additional appointments £25

We would like to remind our patients that the audiologist will be using all necessary PPE and we have allocated twice as much time per patient
to ensure that social distancing can be maintained. Payment will be taken by the audiologist – card payments are preferred, please.

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