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Noise Protection

Hearing Protection For
Work & Play

We provide custom ear protection for sports, employment and musicians. Your hearing is precious, you should protect it

Hearing Protection

Your hearing is precious, protecting it can be easy

Hearing protection is available for both work and play and you would be mad not to wear it. Damage to hearing from noise exposure is permanent

DON'T be a victim of needless hearing loss

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Our hearing is so important and unfortunately sometimes you don’t realise just how important until it’s too late!

We want you to look after your ears!

Protect your hearing at work and play with well made and fitted ear protection, don't take chances with your hearing, it is more precious than you realise. 

Hearing loss is often the direct result of an occupation, a recreational activity or simply exposure to loud sounds!


Noisebreakers by EmTec: These are suitable for all types of activities, from people in factories and oil rigs to sports enthusiasts and live music lovers! They will protect your ears from loud sounds, but you will still be able to hear people talking to you.

They are made from a silicone rubber and are custom made to fit your ear. The moulds have a filter in them, which attenuates sound – protecting your ears against noise.

The plugs are really comfortable as they are made to fit your ears exactly and can be worn under headphones or helmets and are virtually indestructible! They are easy to wear hearing protection, comfortable and won’t fall out!

Please look after your ears!

Great Custom Audio Products From Great Manufacturers

Earphones that really work!

MP3 EmTec Noisebreakers

  • Audio Ear PlugsIf you are fed up of headphones that keep falling out or that are uncomfortable – these are the solution!
  • These are personally moulded earplugs which come with Senheiser head phones.
  • They are extremely comfortable, they won’t fall out and they do an excellent job at blocking out background noise.
  • They deliver exceptional sound quality – and even come in a choice of great colours!
  • See review in iCreate Magazine

We supply superior custom audio products from the best manufacturers available like ACS. Manufacturers with long history, that deliver products you can trust with renowned sound quality and superior comfort.

Custom HeadPhones For Audio Lovers

Edinburgh Hearing Centre provides much more than hearing aids, hearing tests and hearing loss advice. We realise that sound quality is important for many people in their day-to-day lives. That is why we offer custom made headphones, so you can enjoy real clarity and superb sound at lower volume levels. Custom earphones are comfortable and secure, ideal for use while exercising and because they dampen environmental noise you can listen to music at a lower volume level while still enjoying the softest notes.

Enjoy The Music While Protecting Your Hearing

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