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11th January 2016

Getting The Most Out Of Your Hearing Aids


Getting the best return on investment on your hearing aid spend

Hearing aids are a big investment, let's look at how you can get the very most out of them and achieve a good return on that investment.

Hearing aids are an expensive commodity, choosing them involves time, energy and of course money. You purchase them for a reason, that reason is to help you hear better in the situations you are having difficulty with. You want them to do that for you not just now, but tomorrow and the day after that and then the day after that ad infinitum.

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In essence and to use a business term you want to squeeze the very best return on investment from them that you can. You want to get the very best out of them, and we think that we have some tips that will help. 

Always buy the best you can afford

Hearing aids are produced with different technology levels that work to deliver better hearing in different sound environments. You need to understand that clearly and be realistic about the technology level of hearing aids that you purchase. Consider what are the type of environments that you find yourself in on a regular basis. If you are regularly in challenging sound environments for work or pleasure, well then you need to think about mid level or high end technology. You can take a look at the best hearing aids here.

Be realistic about hearing aid performance

You need to be realistic about what the hearing aids you purchase can do. A basic or entry level hearing aid will sound almost as good in one to one conversation. Where the higher technology levels show their real power is in those complex sound environments. The technology really shows it's stuff in noisier environments delivering clearer speech and understanding.

Price isn't everything

You would expect us to say that, right? However, it is true, let us explain. People who are new to hearing aids always focus on the price, that is understandable, knowing nothing about hearing care or hearing devices, hearing aids seem expe

nsive. Experienced users don't focus so much on the price of the hearing aids, they focus on the level of service delivered and the effectiveness of the Dispenser. 

The thing they know that you don't is that hearing aids are not the full answer to hearing better. They are certainly a large component of it, but the rest is the effectiveness and the high quality service of the hearing aid professional. 

You need to work with your professional

It is a rare occurrence that hearing aids just work for someone, it usually takes some time and more than a little skill to deliver the best from hearing aids. That is the truth, so you need to work with your hearing professional to get the very best from your hearing aids.

They are there to help, they want to help, in fact the happier you are, the better for them. If you are happy you could and should tell other people, in the profession this is called word of mouth referral. Business is hard, no matter what business it is, word of mouth referral is a gift from god. So believe us when we say, we as professionals want you to be happy and will happily strive to make it so. 

Annual visits are important

We call you back annually for a reason, those visits are in fact important. During them we will take the time to see if your hearing has changed. Check the health of your hearing aid and it's function. Finally we will re-programme the hearing aid if need be. 

Sometimes changes in hearing can be subtle, but re-programming the hearing aids to meet those changes can really help. Your professional will also take the time to service the hearing aid, again this is important for the ongoing benefit. 

Wear them hearing aids

Wear your hearing aids, wear them all of the time, from morning to night even if you think there is nothing to hear. This is another important step, hearing is not just about your ears. It is also about your brain. It takes your brain some time to get used to the sound information supplied by your hearing aids.

This isn't a one time deal, the brain needs to be continuously stimulated. In fact how the brain responds to the new sound will change over time and your understanding will increase. This is called neural plasticity and it is well documented. The problem is, that if you go without your hearing aids for any length of time, it will bring on a new period of re-learning for the brain. So wear them hearing aids. 

Follow a good clean and care routine

Keep your hearing aids performing at their best by following a good clean and care routine. Hearing aids need day to day maintenance to keep them clean and functioning. Invest in a drying kit so you can dry them regularly and change wax guards if your hearing aids have them. The two things that will degrade hearing aid performance or outright kill hearing aids are moisture and ear wax, protect your expensive investment from them both. 

Following these tips will help you get the best return on your investment and get the very best out of your hearing aids for longer. If you have any questions, or you are interested in experiencing the latest hearing aid technology, give us a call. 

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Hearing Aids Hearing aids supplied and fitted to patient's individual hearing loss
Extremely Professional

This practice and all staff within are extremely professional. Katie will put you at ease the minute you sit in the chair. I have used this practice on numerous occations and came away extremely satified with the treatment i received. If you suffering with ear wax problems try them!! I guarentee you won`t be disappointed. You never know, you may even get a cuddle from POPPY!!!!!

Hearing Aids Hearing aids supplied and fitted to patient's individual hearing loss
Comprehensive and Meticulous

I am an experienced hearing aid user who recently attended Edinburgh Hearing Aid Practice for assessment. The latter was the most comprehensive I have experienced to date. Audiologist Katie was meticulous in arriving at the best solution for me. She has a positive and sympathetic approach which is so important in this sensitive area.

Hearing Aids Hearing aids supplied and fitted to patient's individual hearing loss
Friendly and Professional

My appointment with Katie was informative, professional and relaxed. She immediately put me at ease regarding the procedure I was about to have and advised me on the best earplugs to protect my hearing whilst playing loud music. I cannot recommend Edinburgh Hearing Practice enough. Receiving a friendly welcome from reception and a professional consultation made the whole experience worthwhile.

Hearing Aids Hearing aids supplied and fitted to patient's individual hearing loss

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