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3rd March 2018

Phonak Introduces New Naida B Range


Naida Upgraded to Belong Chipset

Phonak have finally upgraded the Naida range to the Belong chipset. They announced the launch of the new range in February 2018. It will bring all of the upgraded features and technology of the Belong to people with severe to profound hearing loss. It will also be the first time that Phonak will offer a rechargeable Naida. Let's take a look at the range. 


Naida Belong Hearing Aids

The Naida has become the premium choice for people who suffer from severe to profound hearing loss. Phonak has consistently updated the hearing device solutions over the last few years. 

Best Solutions For Profound Hearing Loss?

Other people have said it and I would tend to agree, the Naida range has been accepted almost universally as one of the best solutions for profound hearing loss. The continual upgrading of the features and technology combined with the innovation that Phonak has shown with their Roger systems shows their commitment to people with this type of hearing loss. 

Belong Platform Based

The new Naida is based on the Belong chipset and finally brings all of the benefits of that platform to people with severe and profound hearing loss. The Belong platform has been exceptionally well received and it offers real benefits over the Venture platform before it. The new Naida B range is available in four levels of technology which include the B90, B70, B50 and B30, however, it seems that not all of the hearing aid types will be available at every level. Let's take a look

Naida Belong Range

The hearing aids

Naida B RNaida B R RIC

This is the first ever rechargeable Naida hearing aid, the device is a receiver in canal hearing aid which can be used with three power levels of receivers. The device has a programme button and is powered by a Lithium-Ion rechargeable cell, it will suit people with a hearing loss up to severe. However, the rechargeable hearing aid will only be available in the B50, B70 and B90 technology levels.

The Naida RIC (Receiver in Canal) offers a lot of power in a small package, it will deliver outstanding benefits for people with mild to severe hearing losses delivering power with discretion. The device comes with three possible receiver options, the XS, the XP and the new X UP (for Ultra Power).

Using the new X UP receiver, the hearing aid will cover a hearing loss down to a flat 100 dB. This means that even people with a severe to profound hearing loss can avail of a very discreet solution without compromise in power or functionality.

If this might be an attractive option for you, you need to be aware that there is some extra clean and care steps with a RIC device. As a RIC device, you will need to ensure that you take care of the receiver and follow a daily drying routine to ensure that it does not fail from wax ingression or moisture build up.  

Naida B SPNaida B SP

The Naida B SP (Super Power) is a traditional Superpower BTE hearing powered by a size 13 battery that will suit people with a severe to profound hearing loss. The hearing aid has both a programme button and a volume control and will be available in the B90, B70, B50 and B30 levels of technology.

The new Naida B SP can be fitted with a power slim tube and tip which offers real discretion. The power slim tube can be fitted with either acrylic or silicon custom tips. The device can also be fitted with a standard thick tube and mould configuration.

The power output on the Belong SP is the same as the Naida V and it matches the power output of the older Naida Quest UP. This means that more people with severe to profound hearing loss can now avail of a more discreet option.

While the SP runs on a size thirteen battery the power management system that Phonak uses ensures that the battery drain is controlled. The device is a little bigger than the RIC but it is still a very small Super Power hearing aid. 


Naida B UPNaida B UP

The Naida B UP (Ultra Power) is a traditional Ultra power BTE hearing powered by a size 675 battery (huge battery, lots of power, big smiles)  that will suit people with a profound hearing loss. The hearing aid has both a programme button and a volume control and will be available in the B90, B70, B50 and B30 levels of technology. 

The power and size of the new Naida B UP is in line with the Venture UP, giving it even more performance for even the most profound hearing loss. The B UP can also be fitted with a power slim tube and custom tip which means it can be a pretty discreet option.

This is definitely one of the smallest 675 traditional type hearing aid solutions for profound hearing loss. It will give people with a profound hearing loss a more discreet solution.

Naida Belong Features

Adaptive Phonak Digital Contrast

The hearing aids have all of the latest features from the Belong range but offer a new proprietary fitting formula called Adaptive Phonak Digital Contrast. Phonak say that the new formula offers real benefits to some people who have real difficulty with hearing speech sounds. In essence, the formula should really contrast the consonant sounds from the vowel sounds in speech to allow better understanding.

Sound Recover 2

This is the latest version of Phonak's sound Recover strategy which was pretty successful when introduced in the Venture chipset. Sound Recover 2 allows access to the nuances of sound that many people with severe to profound hearing loss may not be able to hear. It delivers more speech information without causing distortion.

Water resistant

The range is rated to IP68, which means it will survive immersion in one metre of water for sixty minutes without damage. Phonak are circumspect about calling it water resistant, but another manufacturer calls this level waterproof. One way or the other this range will quite happily get in the shower and the pool with you without having to worry about it failing.


As part of the Belong platform the new Naida range benefits from Autosense and all of its features. This allows it to deliver the best possible experience in a range of sound environments.

If you have any questions about Naida hearing aids, are looking for a hearing test, or are interested in ear wax removal, give us a call on 0131 629 1819 or contact us online now. 

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