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Steve Parrish was fitted with Lyric in April 2013 after struggling with gradual hearing loss for about 5 years.

Steve who is a former motorcycle and truck racer; a successful Yamaha factory racing team manager; and currently a leading British motorsport commentator, didn’t start to notice that his hearing had deteriorated until he finished motor racing at the age of 35.

Parrish turned professional at the age of 22 in 1976, winning the ACU Solo title in the British Motorcycle Championship, as well as being team mate to Barry Sheene.

He went on to become the most successful truck racer ever! But during his time racing, Steve was never told to put hearing plugs in – this meant that the persistent loud engines and roaring trucks had caused a huge amount of damage to his ear drums. Steve has also commentated on motorsport for over 20 years, combining his expert racing insight and unique personality, he currently provides racing commentary for the premier class of GP motorcycle racing, Moto GP, with the BBC and for Channel 4’s Red Bull Air Race series.

However in the last 5 years he started being unable to hear what was said in pre-production meetings and in court while acting as the expert witness for motor cycle accidents, while in his personal life, it meant that he didn’t hear his alarm in the morning so missed meetings, caused arguments with his partner and meant that he was unable to participate in social situations.

Ironically, Steve finally decided to seek help when he noticed how infuriating it is speaking to someone with hearing loss – as a good friend of his suffered from worse hearing than he does!

The Lyric hearing aid sits close to the ear drum meaning it gives great sound qulaity and is invisibleHaving being fitted with Lyric – the 100% invisible hearing aid from Swiss manufacturer Phonak, Steve has been able to start leading a normal life again – he can even switch off the device when he returns to the racing track so that it acts as an ear plug for him and cuts out the noise of the engines. Plus, the unique design and placement of the hearing aid also means that he can continue to use the headsets required for his broadcasting work.

Steve said: “Since having the Lyrics fitted the change in my hearing has been incredible, it’s so nice to be able to take part in conversations now without feeling like I’m missing half of what’s being said.”

He added: “My friends and family have really noticed the difference too; they are so pleased they don’t have to keep repeating themselves anymore! It’s great not to have to worry about taking them out and putting them in either, especially at work, it just makes life so much easier!”

Watch Steve’s video below to see what difference the Lyric invisible hearing aid made to his life:

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